History of the Ludwig Quidde-Foundation

The Ludwig Quidde-Foundation was established on August 3, 2001 by Dr. Torsten Quidde (namesake of Ludwig Quidde without verifiable degree of relationship) as an independent foundation. Dr. Torsten Quidde managed the foundation until his death in June 2004. His additional endowment increased the foundation’s capital to an amount of 178 Tsd. Euro. After the founder’s death, the Board took over the administration of the foundation.
The Ludwig Quidde-Foundation was established with the aim to foster research on the life and life work of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ludwig Quidde. Furthermore, it should support research in the field of peace and conflict studies serving his aims in life, i.e. securing and promoting peace (cf. Charter, available in German only).
The purpose of the foundation is realized by grants for

In 2009 and 2010, the Board in charge initiated incorporation of the Ludwig Quidde-Foundation into the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF). This initiative was motivated by the objective to secure the founder’s will and fulfill the purpose of the Foundation in the long run.
In 2009/2010, the Board had the following members:

The incorporation process required the legal liquidation of the independent Ludwig Quidde-Stiftung in September 2010. The financial funds were transferred to the DSF with the obligation to found a new legally dependent foundation. As part of the liquidation, all above mentioned board members were relieved of their duties.
In June 2011 the process of integration into the DSF was completed. The legally dependent foundation is now led by a Board consisting of the chairperson of the German Foundation for Peace Research, one of her/his deputies and one member from the Scientific Advisory Board.